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The Board of Directors pledges to guide Lansdowne UP with godly integrity and wisdom towards success in our mission and vision. It is our fervent prayer that all may come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We define success as honoring and glorifying God with our lives.

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Mark  Mestemacher

Ceres Consulting, LLC


Starting a youth wrestling program brought me to East St. Louis. The dream of Jackie Joyner-Kersee for East St. Louis and God’s calling on my life keeps me here. God is at the center of all I do. It is a privilege to serve Lansdowne on this Board as, in unity, we share the love of Jesus through our work and through our lives.

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Founder & CEO,
Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation

Vice President

East St. Louis , IL is my home. It is a welcome opportunity to serve on the board with people who share the same passion and commitment to help change the narrative and the perception about an underserved community by providing hope. I am so thankful serve on the Lansdowne UP board to witness and have influence on the revitalization surrounding the Lansdowne area of East St. Louis.

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Certified Executive Coach


Having the opportunity to coach kids from the JJK Center connected me to the Lansdowne neighborhood.  Seeing the impact of changing and improving 1 lot, clearing a sidewalk that could not been seen, and seeing the staff lend a helping hand to a neighbor has given me even more energy to get involved.  The partnership with the JJK Foundation is also helping in the transformation.

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Carol Mestemacher

Community Volunteer


Jackie Joyner-Kersee and the love and hope offered at the JJK Center first drew me into the Lansdowne neighborhood. In this season of life I believe I have been called to serve here with my husband; we want to serve in such a way that the love and hope of Jesus ripples out into the Lansdowne neighborhood. I pray that He mightily transforms Lansdowne into a thriving neighborhood one person, one property at a time. I serve on the Lansdowne UP Board to put my faith into action because with Jesus, all things are possible!

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Monique Green

Executive Pastor,
Living the Word Church

Board Member

I was born and raised in East St. Louis, attended the public schools, and have fond memories of Jones Park. I currently reside in East St. Louis. I serve on the Lansdowne UP board because I have a desire to see the community revitalized and the residents hope restored.

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Antonia Ingram

Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation

Board Member

For 70 years I have lived in East St. Louis. I love the atmosphere. The heart of Lansdowne UP is what drew me to serve on this board. Lansdowne UP is serving to develop and beautify God's Kingdom here on earth as the Bible has told us. Our goal is to bring people together so that we can become one.

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M. Erik Arneson

Multi-Area Director,
Greater St. Louis Fellowship
of Christian Athletes

Board Member

As a resident of the Metro East, I think it is my heart’s desire and duty to serve a key city in this area, East St. Louis. Throughout the last few years, Mark Mestemacher has shared about what Lansdowne UP is doing. Together we pray for Lansdowne UP and East St. Louis. The people, businesses and civic organizations are vital to success in the region. If I can use my time and resources to help a key city like this, then I’d like to do so.

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