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Our mission is to transform Lansdowne, East St. Louis, into a thriving neighborhood - one person, one property, at a time. Seeing our mission in action has been an inspiring and encouraging journey as we're reminded of what God can do when we work together. 

“I was originally homeless, and I used to watch one of the guys who helped put this house on Audubon together, and I used to just watch him work. I walked over one day and asked him if he needed any help to do anything on the house (and told him) I’m willing to work.”

Garland, who had been homeless for two years then, was hired by Lansdowne UP within a week of being interviewed. Garland now rents the home he helped rehab. Today he pays rent and utilities for the home with the wages he earns at Lansdowne UP. 


Lawn clean-up may seem insignificant to most. But the peace a neighbor received from the clearing of the brush reminds us how deeply a kind gesture can touch someone. 


We met Miss Bell and Miss Reynolds at a Lansdowne UP lunch at Nelson Mandela School. 

They shared their thoughts about the transformation they see in their neighborhood:


 "We moved here in 2009 and have enjoyed living here ever since.  I'm glad it's [Lansdowne Park] moving forward.  I hope it continues and no one stand in the way of it."

"I lived here and raised my family.  It is the only place I can call home.  We moved here in 1969.  It was a quiet neighborhood.  [Recently] We noticed a change in the streets and lots and all getting cleaned up.  It felt like something big was going on!  The people who come to settle here with us- I hope they are of a frame of mind that we are.  We want peace and loving neighbors." 

"There has to be a tremendous change in the thinking.  The place in my front yard [Lansdowne Park] is getting me to think a little better about East St. Louis. It looks like God has smiled on us.  He's gonna let me see something positive before he takes me away from here."


Our commitment to the people of Lansdowne comes from our belief that everyone should be treated with dignity, respect and inclusivity.  From quality housing to job opportunities, we exist to be a part of change that gives people hope.


15 are East St. Louis residents


East St. Louis youth supported through paid internships 


Invested in area development & revitalization

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