Job Duties

  • Learn spiritual disciplines.  God is our solid foundation.

  • Learn Relationship skills and how to conduct yourself for success.

  • Learn important Character traits and principles.

  • Learn Life skills such as Financial literacy and Winning In Life principles.

  • Learn Job skills while working in the construction, lawn care, and agricultural industries.

  • Clean local property in the Lansdowne Neighborhood by cutting down trees, picking up trash, removing rocks and overgrown brush, displacing dirt from curbs, etc.

  • Provide construction, lawn maintenance/beautification, and miscellaneous work for local neighbors as needed.

  • Attend educational field trips in East St. Louis and surrounding areas.

  • Maintain a positive attitude, stay open minded and participate in all learning activities.  Be adaptable to changes in schedule and duties.



  • Work starts promptly at 7:30 a.m. and ends at approximately 4:00 p.m.

       (Times may vary due to current Illinois Health Regulations)


  • Monday through Friday


  • Start Date: June 6th, 2022          End Date: July 29th, 2022 

       Dates are contingent upon East St. Louis School District calendar.


  • $12.00 per hour.


  • Paid Bi-Weekly (1st paycheck - June 17th, 2022)   (Last paycheck - August 12th, 2022).


  • Lunch will be provided for FREE.



  • Your 1st pair of Gloves, Mask, Safety Glasses and Hearing protection will be provided.

       If you lose these items, you are responsible for bringing your own EACH DAY.


  • Lockers will be provided for your personal items to be placed in before work.



  • If you are going to miss a day of work, you MUST verbally tell (2) supervisors at least 24 hours in advance.


Grounds for Termination

  • Each employee will be given (2) strikes prior to termination

    • Strike (1) - Verbal Warning

    • Strike (2) - No Participation in upcoming field trip

    • Strike (3) - Employee Termination

  • Strikes include but are not limited to:

    • Failure to show up for work without 24-hour notice

    • Showing up late for work (if even by 1 minute)

    • Bullying

    • Getting sent home early for ANY reason

    • Lying

    • Using a phone during work hours

    • Not respecting the equipment you will be using

    • Disrespecting the supervisors

    • Cursing

    • Sleeping while doing classroom work

    • Not following Illinois Health Code requirements


Immediate Termination

  • Fighting

  • Stealing

  • Possession of any weapon or illegal drugs


All Internship applicants will sign an Applicant Commitment agreeing to the following:  

  • Follow the rules above and respectfully represent the RISE UP Summer Internship Program.

  • To approach the Internship with a positive attitude, an open mind, a willingness to learn, and participation in all activities.

  • Give their best effort to meet and/or exceed Internship requirements each day, all day.

  • Understand that all Internship Description details and Guidelines are subject to change.




All Internship Parents/Legal Guardians will sign a Parent/Guardian Commitment agreeing to the following:

I agree to help my young man succeed in the RISE UP 2022 Summer Internship Program.  I will attend any mandatory Parent meetings or make arrangements to meet privately with the Program Director as needed.